Our Story

Opened in 2020, All the People Poetic Floral Arrangements was just “All the People.” The idea of a young mother, wife, and teacher, All the People would transform a run down building into a haven for the Columbus, Ohio community. This was to be a place where people could come together to read poetry and receive the resources they need to lead a healthy life-style. When the owner got the opportunity to study a PhD in Literature at the University of Cincinnati, All the People became a dream deferred.

This dream returned when a friend, Domenic asked if she’d ever considered flowers. “This was it,” she thought. Since then, All the People Poetic Floral Arrangements was branded. For this young business woman, this would be a way to create tangible poetry that she could share with her community while promoting health and wellness.

The first stop in a larger journey to celebrate diversity and humanity, All the People’s products express and reflect the beauty of nature with the timelessness of poetry. As such, we view flower arranging as creating a poem, where each flower acts as its own verse and each arrangement tells your story in the most unforgettable way.