All the People Poetic Floral Arrangements has just survived her first Holiday Season. After all the Glittery Pine-Cones, Satin-Red Ribbons, Floral Foams, and Centerpieces, the rains came and the weather here in Cincinnati has finally decided to become fully winterized. We look back with pride of what we have accomplished. And, at the same time, we look back with gratitude for all the mistakes that we made, for it is through them that we can, in the words of our business manager, “move forward.”

One issue this Holiday Season was “centerpieces.” Most clients, like any good American, want them big, open, and perfect. Unfortunately, with the high demand and low supply on everything in floral this year; from vases (largely imported from China) to roses (largely from Latin America); us florists didn’t have it easy this holiday. We were met with a 50% increase in flowers and clients who still wanted and deserved the big, the perfect, the “Grandeur.”

On our first few centerpieces, we got complaints on closed lilies and anything else that didn’t scream “grandeur.” Our first instinct was flight; close down, give up. And then, we made a decision. We had to give people what they wanted no matter the rising costs of everything red and white; from berries to carnations. Our arrangements had to embody and emulate the Christmas Spirit, even if it meant fresh cuts from our very own pine trees. Every lily had to be open, inviting, even if this meant fresh floral shopping every day. Our friends wanted flowers to be at the center of their tables and their lives this holiday season and we decided to make that happen at any cost. We guess that’s what doing business and being good at it is about, making the customer the centerpiece of operations no matter the cost. We hope we did that.

All in all, we had a solid holiday season; a few other complaints; but none on the centerpieces at least. We hope everyone that received our arrangements from Door Dash or otherwise have enjoyed them. We hope to see you back soon.

With all our love,

All the People