From Darkness to Light, A Grand Reopening

A Grand Reopening

After 3 years of business and a much-needed summer vacation, All the People Poetic Floral Arrangement has opened the doors to a new season. With a renewed vision of self and brand, our mission is to provide the people with the arrangements that they need to tell their stories in a poetic way. When we did reopen last week, it was as if no time had passed. Our drivers were cheery, our flowers were fresh, and our florists were inspired. It was as if we had never even been closed.

This reopening reminded us that sometimes we must open the door for rest, so that renewal can take place. As a seed that must rest in the darkness before it can bloom under the sun, so we had to grow under the sands of time. The growth has been remarkable, as we have begun to fully understand and express our brand.

Putting smiles on faces in hospitals, at the plaza, and on doorsteps with our best products yet has brought us great joy. We are hoping to really expand our services this year and gain your trust. We humbly await your request to tell your story with the flower; the most timeless poem ever written; symbolizing our lives journey, our love, our sorrow, our joy and our colors.

With all our love, All the People.