If your florist gifts you gorgeous open mouthed lilies in an arrangements, you will be delighted. 

Ill never forget the tall guy at the flower shop who told me that once the lily is fully bloomed, its close to the end of its lifespan. What a thought. 

We often want things big, beautiful, done, and at their peak. But, when it comes to flowers, the best thing your florist can do is gift you  tight-lipped lily that still lives in the dark, to be summoned out of its darkness, by the light of your world! 

How often do we seek instant gratification that will last only briefly? How often do we turn our nose up at the un-bloomed arrangement, when this could be the greatest wonder of it all?

Next time your florist gives you a tight-lipped lily, be grateful for the chance to watch it bloom in your light, and its time. 

With all our love, 


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