Adversity and Growth

All the People Poetic Floral Arrangements has hits its four month anniversary, and what a journey it has been. The other day I was talking with my son and he said, “Mom, I like your business! The flowers aren’t so hard, its just everything else.” 

As the owner, the everything else has been the adversity that has led to our growth. Funny but, the failed arrangements and the late-night deliveries has only brought me and my sons closer; and grew me as a florist and fierce business mama. 

This whole business reflects two facets of our life; the beautiful flowers and the everything else.  If we can just remember what wonder and enchantment that adversity can bring, we might just find enough bravery to keep the dream afloat on the seas our wildest imaginations. 

The flowers will speak to us if we only listen. 

Cheers to the flowers and the everything else.